What is KEEP?

KEEP, the Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer, is one of latest innovations in FUE instrumentation. Dr. Erdogan, a renowned FUE surgeon and Vice-President of the World FUE Institute, developed KEEP as a dynamic response to the post-surgical curving and damaging of grafts resulting from forceps use during graft placement. This is considered especially true for certain skin types and normally occurs within 24 hours of surgery.

What conditions make KEEP especially effective?

The benefits of using KEEP are effective in all surgeries however, the results are especially dramatic when dealing with patients who have thick skin and tend to bleed more easily. It is also extremely effective where fragile grafts and splay are considered.

How does KEEP counter natural tendencies that could compromise graft quality?

ASince technicians and surgeons tire after long hours of surgery, it is common to unconsciously grasp grafts with forceps using greater pressure than is necessary, sometimes damaging the graft in the process.

How does KEEP improve regrowth rates?

In the absence of curved and damaged grafts using KEEP, the regrowth rate of hair is higher and faster when compared to the regrowth rate of hair implanted with forceps. The graft regrowth rate is the same for both.

What are KEEP’s properties?

KEEP is made from medical steel that is 50 microns in thickness that has been reinforced with titanium for long-term use. It is available in different sizes that are appropriate to graft size and graft condition. The instrument can undergo normal sterilization processes and is available for both left and right hand application.

Is placing with KEEP faster than with forceps?

KEEP protects graft quality and is easy to load making implanting with KEEP faster, less tedious and more effective than with forceps. This equates to a more cost-effective and quality-effective solution to a large phase of FUE surgery.

New Graft Placer : KEEP - 2nd International WORLD FUE INSTITUTE WORKSHOP

KEEP (Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer)